Thursday, May 17, 2007

Juvenalia: Self portrait in High School

I would estimate this self portrait for 1964, but that is an estimate. It is tempera on black construction paper and somewhat damaged by time, dampness and wrinkling. I don't remember now, 47 years later, if I finished it and this was what I'd intended, or if I gave it up as a bad job or what, but it has the blank eyes of a number of other self portraits from that period.

I am attempting to post this from Picasa again (do I never learn?) so it may not post at first. If not, I may post it again, when I have time.

It was apparently copied from a photo taken by Hal Phillips. (I think the photo is probably backwards in this iteration.) (I called this "Catch her in the Rye.")

I accidentally posted this to the wrong blog. I was going to move it, but instead, I copied it, so if you see it in two blogs, that's why (I apologize).

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