Wednesday, March 31, 2004

Shaman Lady's Car

Shaman Lady's Car, Self-portrait 3/30/2004 Click on image to see larger.Posted by Hello

I collect skulls and bones and had just found a deer jaw. I loved the reflections of the trees on the surface of the car and windshield, so I made this self-portrait.

Monday, March 01, 2004

Self-portrait in a planter at Burger King (family)

In a Planter at Burger King (US!). This is a self-portrait of all three of us on Graham's tenth birthday. Posted by Hello

Thursday, January 08, 2004

On the Trail, Self-Portrait at Three Rivers

On the Trail, Self Portrait 1/7/2004 Posted by Hello
Sometimes I use pictures of myself to play on Photoshop or experiment with other photo-editing programs in order to see what they do. This picture was made in Irfanview with a terrible picture of me that I had taken with my webcam indoors in the winter. I was dressed very warmly because it was uncomfortably cold in the house. I pasted that picture into a picture I had taken of the back part of the Rock Pond Berm Trail at Three Rivers. I love the trail and the picture of the trail because of the multiple layers and "gateways" and the lighting. I also found a hawk skull near that spot, in perfect shape. This picture was treated with a oil painting filter which softens the focus and resolution. I generally prefer a sharper focus, but this was an enlightening experiment for me.