Thursday, March 09, 2006

Time, a day in the life of: RISE AND SHINE

I wake up every morning with the CPAP on, sometimes tangled in its hoses. I need it for my sleep apnea. Without it, I could die.

In my exploration of time, I thought I would look at a day in the life of ME. This day--it took me so long to post them it's a new day, but these day in the life of posts represent ONE day in my life, a day which has now become yesterday.

Like the time as travel exploration, I posted it in reverse chronological order so if you start here and scroll down, you will see one day of my life as seen by me. here is one picture I know is out of order--the black coat. I couldn't fix it. It should be before the driving one.

A day and the activities of a day repsresent time--and life--passing. I've traded a day of my life for this. Posted by Picasa

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