Monday, May 02, 2005

Who I am on May Day

The self portrait of me on May Day was taken (by me) at the trash heap behind a rural cemetery in Michigan. I had been out walking, talking pictures of wildflowers, and avoiding places where I felt unwelcome. You can read about my adventures on May Day at The Invisible Trail. The pictures for this portrait were taken with an Olympus point and shoot digital camera (Olly). [Camera model C7000Z, focal length 7.9 mm, 1/250 @f/4 ISO 80.] The blue flower in my hair was scavenged from the trash heap and made of cloth--the rue anemones were real. The pictures were combined to make a postcard for my mother who is in a nursing home. View my mother on a nature hike at the same link above. Postcards for my mother are a meaningful excuse for making self-portraits.


Kate Jackson said...

Oh OK I had never thought of doing that. I love this one and it has inspired me to do one for my mum.

Mary Stebbins Taitt said...

I want my mother to remember who I am and what I look like when I am away--she had a brain tumor and has dementia. I try to send her a postcard nearly every day or as often as I can do it. I like some of them to be of ME to remind her of who I am--PLUS, she likes pictures of me, her first child and only daughter, they seem to please her. Also, she loves to get mail.

Send me your snail mail address and if I can get it together with recalcitrant computers, I will send you one of my cards. When is your birthday?