Thursday, May 05, 2005

Self Portrait in Rear-View Mirror at Belle Isle

I edited the picture slightly. This is what I did: I cranked up the saturation slightly and added a warming filter at a low percentage. I also darkened the irises of my eyes because they didn't show up. I was going to delete the original, but decided to leave them both.

Of the recent posts, I like the Mayday portrait best. I like looking happier and younger. Do I have to be honest and show the real me? Who IS the real me? Is it this aging person or the younger one inside, younger, or ageless? People recognize me (or don't) by my face. Is my face who I am? Is it more that a graphic element to play with on photoshop? How much does the image of my face correlate with the me inside? How much does the inherited elements of the face affect who am I inside and how much does who I am affect my face?

In the background of these rearview mirror shots, spicebush in flower is visible as little yellow dots. The blue at the top is the tinted glass of the windsheild which I rarely even notice.

This picture was taken at Belle Isle on May 2. If you would like to read my journal from that outing, click here. To see other photos from that day, click here, here, and here. To read the day's serial story entry, click here.

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